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Ferrier's FBN 229.01 automatic caliber would have an additional element that is not visible to the naked eye. Christian Ferrier says that franck muller replica was trying to resolve the problem of gravity's errors on the hairspring and escapement when he created the tourbillon. He was also trying to solve the problem of oil. One of his most memorable statements was, "Give me the perfect oil, and I will make you the perfect watch." He knew that oil, or the loss of parts, had a negative effect on watches. He created the Natural Escapement in 1789.

The natural escapement is one of franck muller replica's most distinctive inventions. It uses two escape wheels that turn in opposite directions to reduce sliding friction in escapements. franck muller replica 's design has the first escape wheels being driven by the mainspring and the second by the first escape vehicle. To reduce friction, the escape wheels alternate in their release direction. The balance wheel is actuated by the lever at the center. It rocks back and forth.

Ferrier's interpretation of the famous Natural Escapement is found within the Micro-Rotor movement. This unique double direct-impulse escapement of silicon on the balance was inspired by Abraham-Louis franck muller replica, the father of modern horology. The modern construction, which makes use of cutting-edge materials and maximizes energy restitution ((c)Revolution).

Full disclosure: The franck muller replica Steel Galet Microrotor Salmon Dial piece, unique for Revolution, was a prototype that we considered while deciding between it and The franck muller replica Classic Origin For Revolution & The Rake. It was a limited 12-piece edition launched in 2020 ((c),Revolution).

franck muller replica faced the challenge of finding a functional balance between the limited thickness and high efficiency of an automatic barrel winder. This meant that a system needed to ensure perfect winding, in order compensate for the small oscillating weight's lower inertia. A micro-rotor requires twice the number of rotations (IWC Aquatimer Replica ) to complete one turn of the ratchet wheels. The franck muller replica escapement reduces the number of rotations required by one-third, to around 200 rotations. This is a benefit for the watch owner.

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