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Ferrier's version of the famous Natural Escapement is found within the Micro-Rotor movement. Abraham-Louis patek philippe replica, the father of modern horology inspired this unique double direct-impulse escapement made in silicon. It is directly on the balance. Modern construction combined with cutting-edge materials maximizes energy restitution. This escapement is extremely efficient and reduces the time of couple (= torque) needed to wind the mainspring. It also optimizes movement winding. This escapement is inspired by the concept detent escapement and gives two impulses per oscillation (1 oscillation = 2, vibrations). patek philippe replica's 3Hz movement frequency (21,600 VPH) generates 21,600 impulses per hour.

We can use a metaphor to explain the double-direct impulse escapement by comparing it with a swing. With a detent escapement, you push the swing once, and wait for it to bounce back. But with the double-direct impulse escapement,fake patek philippe you push it and someone opposite pushes it back.

The patek philippe replica Steel Galet Microrotor Salmon Dial Piece, a unique piece for Revolution, features an Automn, in patek philippe replica language. It is powered by FBN 229.01 microrotor movement. This self-winding micro-rotor has a double impulse on the balance and an exclusive double-direct-impulse escapement made in silicon directly incorporated into it ((c)Revolution).

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Christian Ferrier says that patek philippe replica's brilliant idea was genius. The escapement was implemented in 20 pocket watches. The escapement was difficult to make with the tools of the era. To ensure that the wheels could move freely and have no play, the tolerances needed to be right were very strict. We discussed how, after the natural escapement was created in collaboration with La Fabrique du Temps they came up the idea to use advanced technology and materials for the escape wheels. These escape wheels are galvanically produced and have micron-level tolerances.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches They suggested that we use silicon for the lever. We were able reduce the need to lubricate to a minimum because of these materials.

patek philippe replica says, "It is amazing that we were able implement the famous natural escapement." We were extremely impressed by the escapement's results. It is difficult to set up and regulate but it is extremely stable once it is done correctly. I also felt it was important that we used the same design language for the micro-rotor. This is why you can see that the angle of the upper Bridge has been angled sharply to show collectors that the movement is hand finished to the exact same standards as our tourbillon.

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