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The sinn replica was a Rolex watch that was most often ordered with specially printed dials. pictured is an example of the Ref. 14000, sinn replica with the Domino's Pizza logo and a metal badge on the steel bracelet.

2012 was a significant year for watch collectors. It marked the dawn of a new era in which you could purchase a Tudor Big Crown divewatch for less than PS2000. To Tudor and Rolex lovers,replica watches the Black Bay was as exciting as any launch of a watch could be. The brand continues to deliver knockout blow after blow with watches in the Black Bay line and the Pelagos range. The Pelagos is a professional diving watch with a helium escape cylinder. Dare I say it has more cool appeal that its older sibling, the Rolex Sea-Dweller. These watches are hard to collect - unless they have some unique and classy custom features!

A pristine NOS Tudor State of Qatar Black Bay that is at the time of publication available for purchase through Shop.Revolution.Watch ((c)Revolution)

A rarely seen but amazingly NOS Tudor State of Qatar Pelagos with a black dial that is at the time of publication available for purchase through Shop.Revolution.Watch ((c)Revolution)

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Both NOS Tudor Black Bay and Pelagos State of Qatar watches available to purchase on Shop.Revolution.Watch at the time of publish, come complete with full set of pox and papers ((c)Revolution)

Tudor has quietly been producing small-run watches for high-ranking clients for quite some time. A few of the most impressive examples are featured on Two of the most famous were commissioned by Qatar.Rolex Daytona Replica Watches There are also examples of Pelagos Black Bays and Black Bays. (There was also a Pelagos Blue that was ordered through Fifty One East for the Qatar Watch Club. This private collector group in Qatar is known as the Qatar Watch Club. What a difference a dial can make! These watches are basically regular watches, with factory printed dials with the Arabic writing "STATE OF QATAR" and the English translation below. While there are many customizers around the globe who can create commemorative dials, the main point of these watches, which are officially Maison pieces, is that Tudor made them in-house. Is it possible to get cooler? I doubt it!

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